imwinners TL5530 3 ton portable lift

3 Ton Portable Lift TL-5530

The Easy lift is our portable car lift system. Everything you need to quickly, easily and safely
lift your vehicle or electric vehicle for inspection, service and detailing. Ideal for the home or at the track –
for ht weekend enthusiast or seasoned professional. Sets up in minutes, lifts to service height in seconds.
Space saving design – can be hung on a wall, stash out of the way, or even under your vehicle when not in

imwinners TL5530 3t portable liftA reinforced upper frame rails give this lift enough strength to effortlessly raise vehicles.

The Easy Lift portable lifting system makes vehicle maintenance on and off the track convenient and lightening fast! It can go anywhere and is easily stowed in the trunk or back seat of most cars. Bring it to the track, or drop it on your garage floor to perform routine maintenance in the comfort of your home all in seconds.

The Easy Lift replaces clumsy floor jacks and unstable jack stands with a safe, durable and convenient vehicle jacking and support system. Simply position the lightweight jack frames under the vehicle, push the raise button on the hand-held control and in seconds the entire car is about 546mm of the ground ready for tyre changes, chassis tuning or other maintenance.

The ruggedly built frame collapse to a low 91mm profile, so they fit where other jacks don’t. With Easy Lift, practicality and portability become a reality. Because the Easy jack is void of any cross-members, it provides total under-car access and can be installed at a width that best suits the vehicle being raised.


Model: TL-5530
Product: 3ton Portable Lift
Data sheet: Download product specs
*Colours and designs may differ

Features and Benefits

Electric vehicles:
Makes detailing and maintenance on your electric vehicle convenient and fast.

Automatic safety locks:
Lower and upper safety locks automatically engage as the car lift frames rise.

They quickly disengage with a simple flip of the lock bar.

They’re like built-in, heavy-duty jack stands.

Zero leak fittings:
Even when the car lift frames are under a full 3ton load, the hydraulic connectors do not leak.

Keep your nice garage flooring clean and oil-free.

Reinforced upper frame rails:
For the Easy lift, our largest-capacity car lift system, we reinforced the upper frame rails of with box-welded steel.

This significantly minimizes deflection, improving power without requiring longer frames.

Open center design:
The Easy lift is all about more power with less interference.

Inspired by two-post car lifts that engage vehicle frames, our open center design offers full access to your vehicle’s wheels and undercarriage.

Dynamic test 115% of the rate capacity:
Ensures the hoist works correctly through its full cycle of operation

Static test150% of the rated capacity:

Static load testing, to unsure the lifts can handle the recommended tonnage. Safety test.

Quality power rack:
Ensures safety at all heights.

Conforms to CE requirements:
The CE Mark on a product or machine identifies it as complying with all the of safety requirements established by the European Union.

Easy to install:
Lift can be installed in a workshop, can also be used as a mobile unit.

Vehicle Lifting:
The primary purpose of a portable lift is to raise vehicles off the ground, providing easy access to the underside of the vehicle for maintenance and repair tasks.

This includes tasks like changing oil, working on brakes, inspecting the exhaust system, and more. Warranty terms

High Weight Capacity:
A 3-ton easy lift is capable of lifting a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs and pickup trucks.

Its substantial weight capacity makes it versatile for different vehicle sizes and weights.

As the name suggests, these lifts are designed to be portable, allowing users to move them around the garage or workshop as needed.

This flexibility is particularly useful for those with limited space or changing workspace requirements.

Ease of Setup:
Portable lifts are typically straightforward to set up, making them accessible for both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts.

They often don’t require extensive installation or permanent fixtures.

Safety Features:
Portable lifts come with safety features such as locking mechanisms, safety bars, and safety pins to ensure the vehicle remains securely in place while elevated.

This reduces the risk of accidents or injuries during maintenance and repair work.

Despite their portability, these lifts are designed for stability, providing a secure platform for lifting and supporting the vehicle. Stability is crucial for safe and efficient maintenance work.

Lifting the vehicle to a comfortable working height makes it easier to access and work on various components, including the engine, transmission, suspension, wheels, and more.

This enhances the quality of maintenance and repairs.

Time Savings:
Using a portable lift can significantly speed up maintenance and repair tasks, eliminating the need for crawling under the vehicle or using makeshift methods to lift it. This saves time and reduces physical strain.

A dedicated portable lift provides a clean and organized workspace, eliminating the need to lay on the ground or use less efficient lifting methods.

Versatility: Some portable lifts come with adjustable features, such as height adjustment and arm
positioning, allowing users to customize the lift to their specific needs and the size of their vehicles.

Versatility: Portable lifts come with adjustable features, such as height adjustment, allowing users
to customize the lift to their specific needs and the size of their vehicles. Warranty terms

Compact Storage:
When not in use, portable lifts can often be folded or disassembled for compact storage, making them ideal for users with limited garage space.

DIY Enthusiast Convenience:
Portable lifts are valuable tools for car enthusiasts and DIYers, enabling them to tackle more advanced projects and
modifications with ease.

Increased Productivity:
For automotive repair shops and businesses, the use of portable lifts can increase the number of vehicles that can be serviced in a day, leading to improved efficiency and profitability.

Training available:
Technicians can be professionally trained to use the machine and get the maximum benefit from it.

1 year warranty:
The machine will be repaired if there are any factory faults and can be replaced if required.

Spares available:
Should you have a breakdown you will not have to wait for your machine to be repaired. If there is anything we don’t have, we fly it in directly from the Suppliers.

Operational videos:
Technicians can learn how to operate the machine by watching a video, which is easier and more simple than written instructions.

Technical information

Lifting capacity: 3 ton
Individual frame weight: 44 kg
Raised (frame only): 462 mm
Raised (stacked blocks): 546 mm
Collapsed: 91 mm
Lifting point spread: – min 951 mm
Lifting point spread: – max 1676 mm
Frame width: 318 mm
Frame length: 1930mm
Lifting time: 15-30 seconds
Packaging weight: 1/3 51.3 kg
Packaging dimensions: 2/3 2030*395*137 mm
Packaging weight: 2/3 51.3 kg
Packaging dimensions: 3/3 695*335*300 mm
Packaging weight: 3/3 28kg


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