im winners ESW 450 Off car Truck brake disc lathe

Off car – Truck Brake Disc Lathe ESW-450

The best machine to repair brake disks of buses and trucks, its maximum processing diameter is 500mm.

It has the characteristics of high efficiency, easy operation and energy saving.


Model: C9372C
Product: Brake disc/drum lathe
Data sheet: Download product specs
*Colours and designs may differ
*Designed & Engineered in Italy Assembled in PRC

Features: Benefits:
High precision of a DC reduction motor Meet the demanding requirements of industrial motion.
Twin cutter Achieve simultaneous cutting of both sides of the disc and increase the cutting efficiency.
Ergonomic controls Designed for minimal operator movement, reducing the operation and easy to learn.
Big storage cabinet Ideal to store tools
Small size with a solid structure Covering less space
Omni-directional wheels Wheels move freely
Discountable triangle carbide cutting tips Able to repair more than 50 discs for customers.
Accessories included To meet the needs of a variety of vehicles
Training available Technicians can be professionally trained to use the machine and get the maximum benefit from it.
1 year warranty The machine will be repaired if there are any factory faults and can be replaced if required.
Spares available Should you have a breakdown you will not have to wait for your machine to be repaired. If there is anything we don’t have, we fly it in directly from the Suppliers.
Operational videos Technicians can learn how to operate the machine by watching a video, which is easier and more simple than written instructions.

Technical Information

Disc biggest diameter: 500mm
Disc biggest thickness: 40mm
Disc precision: ?0.01mm
Desk height: 1200mm
Motor: 110v/220v 50/60Hz
Reduction motor power: 400w
Spindle revolution: 0-200RPM
Working temperature: -20ºC – 40ºC
Weight: 138kg

Standard adapters

1: Twin cutter holder
2: Brush
3: Internal hexagon wrench
4: Open-end wrench
5: Cutting tip and screw
6: Spring
7: Wide silencing belt
8: Narrow silencing belt
9: Screw
10: Long sleeve
11: Internal Hexagon screw
12: Clamp (150mm)
13: Clamp (136mm)
14: Clamp (120mm)
15: Taper cone (100-120mm)
16: Taper cone (80-105mm)
17: Taper cone (65-85mm)
18: Spacer

im winners ESW 450 Off car Truck brake disc lathe Standard adapters

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