imwinners Waste oil vacuum pumps with 75L storage

Waste Oil Vacuum Pump With 75L Storage Tanks

The ideal way of extracting waste motor oil from almost any vehicle through the dipstick instead of the oil sump.

This method is cleaner, faster and negates the need to lift the vehicle up on a lift.

This unit also comes with a transparent vacuum chamber for measuring the volume of oil that has been extracted as well as visually inspecting the condition of the

By measuring the amount of oil extracted, one can simply replace the same amount without having to consult a service manual.


Code: FH-8297
Product: Waste oil vacuum pump with 75L storage tank
Data Sheet: Download product specs
*Colours and designs may differ
1 year warranty

Important notice!
• Use of water trap required.
• Regular maintenance required as stipulated per the manual.

Technical information digital oil meter gun

Air supply pressure: 7-9 Bar
Tank volume: 75 Liter
Measuring vessel: 10 Liter
Working oil temperature: 40° – 60°C
Oil pumping probes: 6 tubes (5-8mm)
Discharge pressure: 0.6 – 0.85 Bar


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